what the fuck

if i ever neglect to reblog this assume i’m dead

//gross sobbing

Spent about 50 minutes longer on this than I should have whoops
But what can I say???? Dratini/Shuppet splices are hella

Ahh, yes, the majestic Skarmory.

//sobs hard
I tried to do accurate drawings of them from online so I had a reference somewhere

Trying so hard to One Piece design but it’s not really working

Was in a lot of pain when I drew this

Randomly practiced outfits but then I decided to expression

Went through several concepts for a Pokemon character but these were the best


I really need to use more traditional media cause its really quite calming  


I started drawing this on holiday and it was going well but then I noticed a lady watching over my shoulder

so the dragons just went downhill


why is traditional colouring so hard


Made a Zigzagoon/Doublade cross. Will prolly work on it later and make it prettier